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The Language of Architecture

UC Berkeley, 2018 - ongoing

The Language of Architcture - studying the satial consequence of multiple isometric projections

Drawing is the language of architecture.

It continuously oscillates on a spectrum between the real and the abstract; each form of representation directly relates to another and the built environment, simultaneously communicating an invisible entity that is yet to be. Translation becomes the crucial ingredient with which the architectural process is possible, and it is through the language of drawing that a concept can evolve and develop over time.

This drawing explores the oscillation between that which is measurable and that which cannot exist in three-dimensional space. Through the tools of orthographic projection, multiple objective truths exist simultaneously, informing and challenging one another’s existence. Basic isometric shapes form different building typologies layered in a collage of conflicting spatial rulesets. In of the form of an urban landscape, specific tools of the architectural language create depth and spatiality in an otherwise impossible environment, continuously challenging the viewer’s imagination and spatial understanding.

(continued from my M.Arch Thesis: Missed Translations at UC Berkeley in 2018.)

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