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Navy Yard Kitchen & Dining Design

Studio Mayd PLLC, 2020

This rowhome in the newly developed neighborhood of Navy Yard, Washington D.C., was built a mere decade ago - however, this design proposal updates the existing kitchen & dining area with new aesthetic fixtures and custom mill-work cabinetry. The stair was previously hidden behind a closed wall; this design opens the wall and replaces it with slatted wooden members, enlarging the apparent width of the dining area. The project scope includes refinishing the floors to coordinate with new kitchen cabinetry, and extending the existing kitchen peninsula to programmatically connect with the dining banquette, while visually and spatially maintaining an ideal separation. 

The project has just started to undergo construction. The above images reveal the conceptual design intentions of the project through existing photos, models, plan drawings, elevations and rendered interior perspectives. 

Image & Design Collaboration with Portia Strahan & Lindsey May

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