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Siprosa School - Nairobi

Sidell Pakravan Architects, 2016

The Siprosa School in Nairobi, Kenya provides global progressive education in spaces that negotiate between regular classrooms, flexible program areas and outdoor learning environments. These spaces are distributed through a
collection of stacked and shifted voids that are wrapped by a terracotta screen that connects diverse spaces, buffers
the school from the city, and responds to environmental needs.


The flexibility of this formal solution responds to powerful environmental conditions: a warm climate that encourages outdoor time and dramatic monsoons that require sheilding from nature. With a mixture of contained classrooms and sheltered or exposed outdoor spaces, Siprosa provides spaces in tune with the local climate, and fosters green learning opportunities for students through various ecological systems.

Collaborators: Pablo Hernandez, Rudabeh Pakravan, Kristen Sidell

Winner of Architizer 2016 A+ Awards, Honorable Mention

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